Online Self-Assessment of the Readiness for Internationalisation Scan for SMEs

This Internationalisation Readiness Scan is a diagnostic tool to support companies better understand the main requirements of internationalisation and provide with a practical self-evaluated tool to identify gaps in resources and knowledge base to implement a successful internationalization process.

This tool is based on the so called CHROME framework, evolution of the more classical Deplhi methodology [Evaluating the Firm’s Readiness for Internationalization: from the Design to the Application of an International QualificationFramework, Internation Jouranl of Business and Managament , June 2014, J.P. David HEC Montreal (Canada)].

The CHROME methodology devotes its attention to the following six overall dimensions of internationalization:

  1. the Competencies of the Management assigned to the internationalization project
  2. the Heritage of the SME within international markets
  3. the Relationships the SME maintains abroad
  4. the Offerings that the SME has earmarked for international markets
  5. the Means at the disposal of the SME for carrying out its internationalization strategy
  6. the Engagement of the SME’s management in the internationalization project

A critical success factor for an organisation is determined by its readiness to commit to engage in an international operation. The ability to determine an organisation’s level of readiness could mean either a success or failure for the organisation’s subsequent international venture.

The following survey is composed of 40 questions and it attributes a score of 5 points to each of it. Your SME is evaluated out of an overall score of 200 points and the survey gives your Readiness for Internationalisation.

Impasse (insufficient) score below 81
Entry-Level Pass (sufficient) score between 81 and 120
Mid-Level Pass (good) score between 121 and 160
Passe-Partout (excellent) score between 161 and 200

The survey gives you the possibility to evaluate your Readiness for Internationalisation and it should be conducted in two phases:

  1. QUALIFICATION PHASE: a first assessment before the internationalization process;
  2. VALIDATION PHASE: a second assessment following the identification of the target country and the entry strategy.

This tool is part of the ICBUILD project co-financed by the COSME Programme of the European Union, in the frame of the European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Internationalization initiative. The platform and its content are created and maintained by ICBUILD partnership. For any further information on the ICBUILD project please visit the official website, for technical issues about the readiness tool please contact

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